Cupping of Lat Muscle

Cupping sucks. Literally. This is the only soft tissue technique that uses suction instead of just compression. Foam rolling, massage and deep tissue are all compression. Through suction you lift the soft tissue to improve the micro-circulation that lubricates the fascial layers and make you more mobile.

Soft tissue is meant to move and glide. Through muscle tightness, poor posture, poor hydration and some of our daily habits we allow our soft tissue to become stiff. Imagine wearing a t-shirt that is way too small and trying to move around. This is the same as having soft tissue that is stuck and tight.When the skin and tissue just beneath it do not glide, you simply can’t move. Cupping fixes this.

We use both plastic cups with a small suction pump and silicone cups to help get your soft tissue moving again. We use very specific techniques and placement for the cups to give you the most benefit. We also combine cupping with other therapies such as dry needling, manual therapy and specific exercises as appropriate.

Due to the suction created by the cups you typically leave with circular bruises from cupping placement. However according to our patients, small non-tender bruises are worth it for how much better they feel! Check it out for yourself!