Promote Faster Healing

faster healing with manual physical therapy

Manual Physical Therapy

Faster healing and improved functional movement is possible through manual physical therapy. We use hands-on therapy and our fellowship training in manual therapy to work on correcting any soft tissue or joint dysfunctions you may have. This is a 3 year training we’ve completed AFTER physical therapy school. Not all physical therapists are fellowship trained but we are.

Therapeutic Exercises

Not all exercises work for all people nor all issues. We chose your exercises very carefully and progress them as you’re able. We do not believe in using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Faster Healing and Strength Building
faster healing and low impact weights

Home Exercise Program

Most patients only see us twice a week. 2 hours a week is not enough to get you moving towards your goal as fast as we would like. In order to get you better, faster we give every patient a home exercise program (and continually update it) so that you can continue to progress even at home.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a fantastic tool to help address soft tissue dysfunctions by allowing the body to elicit a response that sparks a natural healing process. Dry needling can be effective for those looking to reduce pain, increase mobility, increase muscle function, decrease muscle tightness and more!


Gravity sucks so we’ve found a way around it. Using our unloader you wear a vest attached to a cable that pulls upwards on you allowing us to take up to 200 pounds off of you. You can run, walk or exercise in this vest. Perfect for functional spinal traction or training after an injury.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy is the fastest way to put on muscle. Period. You gain strength without having to load your ligaments/tendons/joints excessively. This is beneficial because we can get you stronger without loading you up with heavy weights.


Cupping Sucks. Literally. We use plastic and silicone cups to get your soft tissue moving. This quick and easy technique gives fast results; especially when partnered with our manual therapy and exercises.

Functional Movement Screens

Whether your chosen sport is to speed walk, run, weight lift, play basketball, baseball, triathlons, track, volleyball….we’ve got your injury prevention covered. This quick full body screen is the best out there for not only predicting your risk of injury but includes prevention exercises tailored just for you.

Gait Analysis

Have one of our physical therapists film you running so that we can review in slow motion. Learn your measurements for hip flexion, pronation, dorsiflexion and more. This is the best way to identify any weaknesses in your stride. Improve your running efficiency and decrease risk of injury.