Walking Planks


Spice Up Your Planks Lets start by assuming you're doing your planks correctly (see this video). Maybe you've been doing them for too long as they just aren't challenging enough anymore. Or maybe you're having to hold a plank too long to get any significant muscle work. Don't hold a plank longer, make it [...]

Walking Planks2023-04-05T08:19:42-05:00

Are Your Planks Hurting You?


Proper Plank Position Planks are one of those exercises that almost everyone has tried and probably done incorrectly. For that reason we made a video to show you how to correctly do a plank. Check it out and feel free to comment if you have any questions

Are Your Planks Hurting You?2023-04-05T08:20:13-05:00

Next Step in Working Your Abs


Work on your Rotational Stability Now that you've got your abs working correctly it's time to work on how you move; your core muscles are vital to keep you moving correctly. The video below is harder than it looks. This drill takes practice, practice, practice. Give it a shot and don't give up. If its [...]

Next Step in Working Your Abs2023-04-05T08:20:35-05:00

The CORRECT way to work your abs


The CORRECT way to work your abs! Too many people spend all their time doing crunches when really they should be doing the opposite. Last week we showed you an exercise called Snake Belly which taught you how to get the correct abdominal muscle to contract. Now this week we're showing you how to [...]

The CORRECT way to work your abs2023-04-05T08:21:00-05:00

Get your Abs Working


How to get your abdominal muscles working There are several muscles that make up your abdominals or your "core." Of all these muscles only one of them wraps around your trunk to protect your spine like a built in back brace. All of the other muscles help you bend your spine in some direction. [...]

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Best Dynamic Warm Up


Best Dynamic Warm Up We recently posted a blog with a link to our entire dynamic warm up playlist on YouTube. We've had a lot of questions on the best stretch to do when you are short on time. Hands down that would be our Full Body Dynamic Warm Up. When done correctly this [...]

Best Dynamic Warm Up2023-04-05T08:22:11-05:00

Dynamic Warm Up Series


Dynamic Warm Up Series Getting ready to move is vital before you really get into your workout. In order to help you out with this we have a playlist HERE on our YouTube Channel of all our best warm ups. You'll notice none of the videos show a "sit down and stretch" strategy. Movement [...]

Dynamic Warm Up Series2023-04-05T08:22:53-05:00
  • dry needle San Antonio Boerne

Dry Needling


Checkout what to expect in a dry needling session

Dry Needling2023-04-05T08:23:21-05:00

Hip Warm Up


Checkout this quick and easy hip warm up before your workouts and runs.

Hip Warm Up2023-04-05T08:24:47-05:00
  • eccentric quadricep

Prep Your Quads with Eccentric Step


Prep Your Quad with Eccentric Step Your quadricep muscles (muscles on top of your thigh) are meant to help you absorb force while you're walking and especially as you are running. In order to get these muscles strong enough to really do their job you have to train them correctly. The exercises below works [...]

Prep Your Quads with Eccentric Step2023-04-05T08:25:18-05:00
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