Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find your question answered below then please call our office and we will get you the answer that you are looking for!

Can I make my childs copay over the phone for their appointment?2017-07-14T15:21:50-05:00

Of course! Either call us at the time of their appointment or sometime later that same day and we can take payment over the phone for any major credit card or your HSA card.

How often should I do my home exercise program?2017-07-14T15:20:54-05:00

Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or physical therapist: For any mobility or light strengthening activities that do not leave you sore please do these at least once a day, twice if you can. Any heavy strenghting exercises please do these one to two times every other day

What should I do once I have been discharged from physical therapy?2023-02-28T08:16:41-06:00

Once you are discharged and looking to prevent future injuries, Foundation PT offers wellness services to keep you moving towards your goals and train you like nobody else can. These are the same services we offer everyone from the weekend warrior to our professional athletes. Feel free to email your therapist or call our office at 210-698-6333 for any questions

Are all of your physical therapists board certified?2017-07-14T15:14:07-05:00

Yes all of our therapists are board certified and fully licensed physical therapists.

What do physical therapists do?2017-07-14T14:37:54-05:00

Physical therapists are trained accelerate the healing process. They do this by addressing issues of muscle weakness, restricted range of motion, soft tissue movement, joint restrictions, and movement dysfunction. Manual physical therapist use a wide range of tools to get you feeling better more quickly such as joint mobilization, deep tissue work, personalized exercise programs, more rigorous exercises if tolerated, muscle retraining and eliminating muscle imbalances. The goal of our manual physical therapists is to get you to an improved state of movement to relieve pain as quickly as possible. Our PTs have completed or are in the process of completing an manual therapy fellowship program after having already graduated from physical therapy school. This fellowship gives the therapist more knowledge and skills in order to treat patients effectively with quicker results.

How is your physical therapy clinic different from others?2017-07-14T14:38:19-05:00

At Foundation Physical Therapy we take pride in paying attention to details and treating each patient as a unique individual. Most of our patients return if they are reinjured, have another surgery or have a family member who needs physical therapy so we strive to create a continuing relationship with all patients. We take a unique team approach to treating patients so that you are still assigned to one therapist but you benefit from the different backgrounds of all of our therapists. If you have any doubt please read over some of our reviews on Google Plus.

I am in a lot of pain today, should I still come to my appointment?2017-07-14T14:43:00-05:00

Absolutely! Many patients leave feeling better than they did when they arrived for their session.

I have to schedule around work/school hours, what times are you open?2017-07-14T15:02:54-05:00

We have appointments available as early as 7am, and as late as 5pm. Our office hours are 7am-6pm Monday through Friday so that you may schedule before or after work/school or even during your lunch hour. We’ll provide you with a school or work note if needed.

Where is your office located?2023-02-28T09:20:24-06:00

We have two great options for you! Our Boerne clinic is located at 905 N Main Street just south of Bumdoodlers, feel free to call at 830-816-5333.

Our original location is on the access road in Leon Springs right before the Tesla dealership at 23127 IH 10 West, feel free to call at 210-698-6333

Do I have to be an athlete to come to your physical therapy clinic?2017-07-14T14:38:44-05:00

Absolutely NOT! We accept ALL patients, regardless of athletic ability. Our therapists treat patients with very different backgrounds and skill level, this helps keep them on their toes!

What is the age range of patients you accept?2017-07-14T14:38:55-05:00

We accept patients ranging from 5 to 100 years old

What health insurances do you accept?2017-08-29T14:56:55-05:00

We accept Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, Medicare Replacements, Tricare Prime and Standard, United Health Care, insurances in network with Multi Plan/PHCS and most other major insurances. We do NOT accept CHIP, Medicaid, GHEA, Ambetter nor Secure Horizons. If you have any questions, please call our office at (210)698-6333.

Do you accept health saving accounts?2017-07-14T14:53:06-05:00

Absolutely! You can use your HSA for your copay/coinsurance. However you cannot use an HSA for performance/wellness services as they are cash pay and not billed to insurance.

Do you have a private pay package for patients without health insurance?2017-07-14T14:40:19-05:00

Yes, for patients using private pay the initial evaluation appointment is $150 and $100 for each follow up treatment appointment.

Do I have to get a prescription from my doctor for physical therapy?2023-02-28T09:22:31-06:00

If you have Medicare, PHCS or a HMO plan, yes. Most other insurances will allow a patient to be seen under “direct access” which means we have 10  business days to see you before we need a prescription to continue. This is not our rule, its a Texas Law. Please contact your insurance to be certain.

Do you have physical therapy specialists?2023-02-28T09:24:12-06:00

Yes, please see the “Our Staff” section of our website to read about our specialties. You may also read about what we treat on our “Services” page.

What should I expect for my first appointment?2023-02-28T09:26:35-06:00

Your first appointment will be your initial evaluation, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the necessary paperwork. Your physical therapist will use a series of physical tests specific to your injury to determine how to best treat your pain. After your therapist has all the information they need, they may perform some manual therapy if needed, walk you through a few exercises and develop a home exercise program for you to do until your next appointment.

What should I expect during a normal visit?2023-02-28T09:39:03-06:00

For all appointments after your initial evaluation, your session will begin with your physical therapists performing any manual therapy that you may need. This will be followed up by a customized series of carefully chosen stretches and exercises to meet your needs. As you progress through the exercises, your therapist will change your exercise routine from session to session, and update your home program as needed. You should always leave our clinic feeling better!

Will physical therapy be painful?2023-02-28T09:41:33-06:00

NO. Post surgical patients may feel some discomfort during their appointment as they regain mobility. However, you should never be in pain during your appointment. Communication is key here! We cannot read your mind so please let us know if you are experiencing pain with any exercises so that we can alter them.  Pain will set you back, altering an exercise will not. “No pain no gain” is NOT a statement that we agree with.

What type of clothing should I wear to my appointments?2017-07-14T15:01:07-05:00

You may wear whatever is most comfortable for you to move freely in. Most patients chose to wear workout clothes such as a t-shirt, shorts or pants and tennis shoes. Many of our patients are coming from work or school, so they chose to bring a change of clothes and shoes with them.

How long are your appointments?2017-07-14T14:52:54-05:00

All appointments are about 45 to 60 minutes long depending on what the therapist feels the patient can handle.

Who will I see during each appointment?2017-07-14T15:04:14-05:00

You will see your licensed physical therapist for each and every appointment. Each patient is assigned to a specific therapist though we do have a team treat environment. In order to accommodate your schedule you may choose to schedule some sessions with a different physical therapist in our office.

Will I be given exercises to do at home?2023-02-28T09:44:46-06:00

Yes, our physical therapists will give you print out of a home exercise program designed specifically for you to do at home between appointments

Will I need to purchase any workout equipment for my home exercise programs?2017-07-14T15:23:34-05:00

We make sure that all exercises given on your home program can be done with simple household items such as using a chair instead of stools, a counter top instead of parallel bars etc. We do use resistance bands for some exercises which we sell at the clinic for $4 or $6. You may also use any bands that you already have.

How many sessions of physical therapy will I need?2023-02-28T09:46:00-06:00

This varies from patient to patient. Your physical therapist and physician will work with you to decide how many visits you will need before you reach your goals and are able to continue on pain free. We can only

What if I need to continue with more physical therapy sessions then my doctor prescribed?2017-07-14T14:55:36-05:00

If you and your physical therapist decide you would benefit from added sessions, we will fax a request for your doctor to sign so that you do not have to see your doctor just for a new physical therapy script.

My doctor faxed my physical therapy script to your office, now what do I do?2017-07-14T14:50:15-05:00

Once we receive the script, we will call you to schedule your first appointment

My doctor faxed my physical therapy script to your office, but I never set up my initial appointment. Can I still schedule my initial appointment?2017-07-14T14:50:27-05:00

If your script was written less than a year ago, and you have not begun therapy then you may still call our office to schedule your initial appointment. If your script is over a year old, you will need to have your doctor fax a new script to our office.

What kind of wellness services do you offer?2023-02-28T09:47:57-06:00

We offer injury prevention screens, full body screens to find your weak points and general training. Please keep in mind that our Wellness and Performance services are PREVENTATIVE MEASURES. This means that you are not in any pain and do not need a prescription from a medical doctor we do offer a few different types of appointments. If you aren’t sure if you qualify for wellness services please contact our office at (210) 698-6333 for Leon Springs or (830) 816-5333 for Boerne.

What will my payment be for each visit?2017-07-14T15:02:35-05:00

That is determined by your insurance plan. Before your first appointment we will contact your insurance to determine the patient payment for your individual plan. If you would like to find out for yourself you may contact your insurance company. We are an outpatient physical therapy clinic in an office setting.

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