Below are some of our 170+, 5-star reviews from Google Plus. With Google Plus becoming more difficult to access we wanted you to be able to read our testimonials so we have simply copied and pasted a few of our reviews below. 

 Highly recommend Foundations Physical Therapy. Entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. As a patient, you get their full attention (even when you don’t want it!). I saw the same therapist so there was continuity in care, which was really important to me. They also have a wide variety of therapeutic tools to help you achieve your goals. Therapists and staff are your loudest cheerleaders, even when you are discouraged! Cannot recommend highly enough!
-P. Poole

The physical therapists at FTP are top notch, very knowledgeable in their field and always up to date on the latest therapies and treatments to best serve their patients. I always recommend this office for anyone in need of evaluations from sports injuries to chronic pain. The office staff is professional and helpful.
-R. Gonzalez

Wow & Thank you to Christian and all the staff at Foundation Physical Therapy.
I broke my right ankle in 2008. Everything was fine until about 2012. I battled plantar fasciitis in my right foot for 3.5 years before I came to Foundation. I had done some PT previously at another place which did not help. I found out from Christian, the problem was not in my foot/ankle. The problem was a weak hip. This caused my foot to over compensate for the hip. I was blown away by Christian’s knowledge of the human body and putting that together. Everywhere else that I had been focused solely on the foot/ankle. Nobody ever thought to think there was another issue. I was also amazed when I would listen to Christian with other patients. He is mechanic of the human body. He is amazing.
As Christian and I visited, everything he said made sense and I connected to the way I had been moving the last 3.5 years. Since August of 2015 Christian and staff have been working with me to get strength back in hip and also to get back flexibility that I have lost from the trauma in the foot/ankle. Every week Christian would give me new exercises to work on and I would do exercises and stretching at home. I could really feel my hip burning from all the exercises, so I knew we were on the right path.
I have finished with PT at Foundation. I am going to continue to maintain and improve with exercises at home.
Christian is very easy going. He knows the human body. If you will work with him and do what he recommends, he can get you back to doing the activities you want to do to live a full life.
-R. Sauer

I came in with severe back pain and six weeks later I’m pain free. This place is great for athletes! After my back pain issues were resolved, they began to work on everything from my IT band issues to hamstring tightness. Everyone is super supportive and they genuinely want to see you get better.
-N. Romo

After my husband had a double knee replacement, Christian got him walking again. So it was no question where I would go when I needed help after I tore ligaments and tendons in my ankle, Christian was able to get me back on my feet without surgery. Getting rid of crutches was easy to do there. The therapists listen, listen and listen to you! Christian and the other therapists really know their stuff. Highly recommend them to anyone needing help, no matter what the injury, Foundation can get you where you want to be. Flexible on scheduling appointments and easy to get to off of I-10.
-B. Phillips

I can’t say enough about Christian and his staff. They took me from barely moving, to functioning normally within weeks. As a triathlete who is in constant motion, their care was critical to getting me back in the water, on the bike, and on the road running again. Their personalized commitment to each patient is phenomenal! I can’t thank them enough for their continued support!
-B. Shipman

I have been to physical therapy before, but typically was disappointed with the lack of personal interest as well as the incomplete explanations. Moreover, friends cautioned me about how “terrible,” “Exhausting,” and “miserable” rehab was after hip surgery. My rehab has been challenging but I actually look forward to my PT sessions because of the difference it is making in my well-being! At Foundation Physical Therapy, Christian immediately put me at ease with his thorough medical knowledge of the procedure (especially as carried out by my surgeon, Dr. Harris) and his concern with what pain and limitations I was experiencing. The Foundation staff always is concerned that they don’t want your treatment to HURT; they want the PT to HEAL. Christian and his staff (Jordan, Austin) are there to assist patients in their recovery at home and at work as well as while they are at the center receiving rehab. Six weeks later, I am happy to say that my mobility is restored and I am looking forward to strengthening my body in the future with the directives explained by the staff. I recommend Foundation Physical Therapy without reservation!
-M. Havel

The therapists at Foundation are very professional and educated. They take their job very serious and put a very personal touch to each of their patients. Therapy can be tough and painful; they make it enjoyable by making it laid back and fun. They have done wonders for me after having my third very extensive back surgery. In less than two months, I was back in the gym working out. I have done therapy at other places in the past; Foundation by far was the absolute best. Thanks to all of you and a very special thank you to Christina.
-G. Kanning

I drove 48 miles one way to Foundation Therapy for treatment because Christian is the Best! I have seen Christian for past back pain and recently after hip surgery for a labrum tear. I was TDWB for
6 weeks and then slowly weaned off a walker but I was weak, in pain, afraid to move my leg, and walked with a limp. My orthopedic surgeon asked who I wanted to see for PT and I said “I will only see Christian-he is the best,” and my surgeon agreed. Christian was so patient helping me overcome my extreme fear of re-injuring my hip. He taught me exercises based on my comfort level. He was knowledgeable about my type of surgery and what exercises were safe and needed to get me back on my feet. I trust him completely. Today I can walk normally, exercise and I am pain free! I am so grateful for the time, patience and care Christian gave me. I would drive twice the distance to get treatment at Foundation Therapy.
-C. L.

Well, I’m going to be honest: usually, I’m not one to write reviews. However, after five weeks (and counting) of superb, compassionate care, I simply must let the inter-web know about Christian and the folks at Foundation Physical Therapy!
Long story short, I viciously fractured my left femur while saving orphan children and various at-risk youth from a burning building in June 2014. After surgeons successfully placed a titanium rod through the injured bone, I was referred to Mr. Compean and Foundation Physical Therapy. Having broken the strongest and “most difficult bone to break” in the human body, my expectations were bleak and unpromising to say the least.
My experience began with Tracy, the office manager, on my first day. With the phones incessantly ringing and patients waiting to be checked-in, she stopped what she was doing and happily rushed to the door to help me as I pitifully crutched in. Instantly, I knew I was in the right place.
Christian, co-owner and Physical Therapist extraordinaire, is the best thing to happen to my leg since the calf-machine at the gym in eighth grade – he is PHENOMENAL. He actually takes the time to get to know you and genuinely wants you to get better! Unsurprisingly, it reflects in his care. After just four weeks, I went from stepping like a newborn fawn on wintry ice to walking almost 100% pain-free! What caught me off-guard was with what ease and accuracy Christian was able to diagnose the origin of individual nagging pains I experienced in my recovery and how well he educated me on how to prevent them from happening again. The provider is extremely “textbook smart” and has great hands, my friends!
I have no doubt that when I’m completely finished with my treatment with Christian, I’ll actually be stronger and faster than I was pre-injury. If you’re looking for a place that exemplifies thorough and complete care, while at the same time makes you feel like actual family as opposed to “just another insurance reimbursement check,” I absolutely recommend you visit Tracy, Christian and the gang at Foundation Physical Therapy!
-R. Velasco

Christian, and his staff, are incredible! Always on time, always attentive, always personable, and extremely knowledgeable! He has a passion for young athletes, as well as any age, stresses he wants to prevent injury when possible. If I am injured, and unable to get on the tennis court, I would call Foundation Therapy immediately!
-T. Roe

2.5 years of consistent injuries landed me on Christian’s table. By the end of the first session, my symptoms were drastically reduced. Christian took the time to listen, watch and video my running mechanics. 10 weeks later, I was faster and stronger than ever! I’m beyond grateful for Christian’s time, expertise, and patience. If you’re looking to get healthy, Foundation is the place.
– L. Hernandez