Physical Therapy

Patient Care at its Finest

How we do it

Each appointment begins with hands-on manual therapy by a licensed physical therapist to address your unique needs. Each therapist has either already completed or is in the process of completing a fellowship in manual therapy. This extra fellowship training in manual therapy has allowed our PTs to become highly skilled in assessing the quality of your movement and providing the necessary spinal and/or soft tissue mobilizations to improve your function.  At Foundation Physical Therapy we take a unique team approach where all of our therapists collaborate to provide the best care. For continuity of care each patient is assigned to a specific therapist whom they will see at each appointment.

The remainder of your treatment will be individualized by your physical therapist to meet your specific needs whether it be improving your strength, balance, mobility, decreasing pain, or improving functional performance. You will also be given a personalized home exercise program to do between appointments in order to ensure the quick results you desire.

Take a look at all the tools we use to get you where you need to be!

What We Do

Nerve pain shooting down your arm or leg? We treat that. Post-Op ACL? We treat that. Total Joint Replacement? We Treat that. Tennis Elbow? We treat that. If you can injury it chances are we can treat it. Here’s a short list of the things we treat:

What Makes Us Different

So much so that this topic requires a page of it’s own. Check it out here.