Dr. Isabel Gonzalez, PT, DPT

Since the age of 5, I grew up dancing and embraced the high intensity and competitive nature of being a dancer. Eventually, after witnessing several injuries to those close to me during my dance career, I wanted to make a difference. I developed a passion for movement and grew an avid interest in how movement can improve the quality of people’s lives. I decided to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Texas at Austin and later achieved my doctorate of physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine in Austin, Texas. While pursuing my degree at St. Augustine, I stayed involved and contributed to campus learning by leading small group tutoring sessions and organizing community service events for students. I’ve always considered myself a lifelong learner and I’m currently in the process of pursuing an orthopedic manual therapy fellowship OPTIM. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and staying active through dancing, hiking, or running outside with our dog. Please email me with any questions at isabel.gonzalez@fptsa.com