Manual Physical Therapy

Specialized hands on physical therapy!

We are fellowship trained in orthopedic manual physical therapy. What this means is after completing the postgraduate physical therapy program we decided to take our training one step further. We studied for another 3 years on top of our training to dive even further into exactly how the joints and muscles work together so that we can identify any dysfunction. 

In this fellowship training we learned how to spot problems and what’s required to fix these problems. This means we see problems most other physical therapists do not. Depending on your diagnosis we may spend the first part of your appointment hands on working on your injured site to physically correct any dysfunction. This may range from soft tissue work to manually manipulating joints to get them moving again. We take joints that are stuck and get them unstuck. 

We then tailor your exercises to help you reinforce the work we did. We teach your body how to correct the dysfunctions that we find. Remember we trained for 3 years on top of physical therapy school for this. Not all physical therapists out there are fellowship trained in manual orthopedic therapy. We are. 

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