Sports Physical Therapy


Beginner, advanced, high school or professional athlete. We’ve seen them all. We recognize that athletes have a different need when it comes to physical therapy, You train year round for your sport and fall victim to common overuse injuries. Its a cycle that we aim to stop. We know you don’t want to stop training and we know you want to get better QUICKLY. There’s no reason an athlete shouldn’t be able to perform at their best after an injury and that’s where we come in.

As manual orthopedic physical therapists at Foundation Physical Therapy its our job to use a full body screen to find any underlying dysfunction you may have. We are not going to take your injury at face value; we screen everything head to toe in order to make sure nothing gets missed. From there we teach you how to reverse your dysfunctions and how to correct it long term. Once we have you pain free and moving better we dive into sports performance.

In sports training we break down your sport more than you ever though possible. We get you back to basics that you may have missed early on in your training and move quickly into advanced work. We tailor each athletes program to their needs, their sport and their goals. We understand as athletes you are in the game long term. The demand you place on your body is high and we treat it as such. Our goal is to keep you on the field as long as you want to be there.

We take pride in giving athletes all the skills they need to overcome their injury, to take the tools we teach you and use them continually down the road.

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Stop putting off your injuries. Stop damaging your body. Stop relying on ice baths. Let us build a better you.