Physical Therapy for Runners


Runners. You guys log tons of miles each week and put your body through the ringer. Ideally we want to see you for injury prevention and maintenance before your body starts to break down…BUT we know you guys tend to run through the pain until its too much to bear. Don’t worry, we can definitely help.

We have become the go-to clinic in San Antonio, Fair Oaks Ranch and Boerne for runners who are want to get better quickly. We do full body screens, ananlyze your running mechanics, check your strength and find any dysfunctions your body may be hiding. On top of our screening process we have Dry Needling, Comprehensive Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screens, Blood Flow Restriction Training and the Unloader to get you back even faster. 

We are not going to take your injury at face value; we screen everything head to toe in order to make sure nothing gets missed. You will get hands on manual therapy to work on the problematic spots. From there we teach you how to reverse your dysfunctions and how to correct it long term. Once we have you pain free and moving better we dive into sports performance.

We will retrain you on the basics that you may have missed early on and then we move into advanced work. With the use of our Unloader we will get you running faster than you thought possible. This way you can run on our treadmill with cues from us all while being up to 200 pounds lighter.

Running is a physically demanding sport. Nobody knows better than us how to fix and protect your body from the stress you are putting on it. Make an appointment to see us so you can run faster, easier and pain free.

Feel free to checkout some of the videos below we’ve put out to help runners.