The Untold Story of Sciatica Pain

Dry Needling Example for Sciatica

Sciatica. It stops way too many people from doing the things they enjoy and even just completing daily tasks. If you are one of the many people who suffer with sciatic nerve pain, it stops here.

Sciatica starts in the back. We first look at your spine to determine how the sciatic nerve is being effected as it leaves the spinal cord and continues into your legs. Once we know how the spine is behaving we can address the nerve as it continues down your leg. We have had huge success using manual therapy, exercises, dry needling (if you’re comfortable with it), cupping, our unloader and blood flow restriction therapy to get sciatica to crawl back in it’s cave where it belongs.

We understand that most patients coming to us have usually had sciatic nerve pain for quite some time. Regardless of how your pain started or how long you’ve had it we will do a full body movement screen on each new patient to find any underlying issues that may be contributing to your pain.

Sciatic issues are not permanent. Even if you’ve been to physical therapy before, been suffering with pain for years now and are convinced it will never go away…let us help. We are not your average physical therapy clinic; Remember we are fellowship trained which means we’ve trained 3 years BEYOND your regular physical therapist to find and correct dysfunctions. Give us a call and schedule your initial evaluation today.