Physical Therapy for Spine Related Issues

For those patients coming to us with a diagnosis of spinal fractures, herniated disc, post-op procedures on spine, stenosis, arthritis, spondylosis, spondylosis and many more….we’ve got your back. Literally.

With our specialized training in manual orthopedic physical therapy we are pro’s at figuring 0ut the underlying cause of spinal conditions and treating your dysfunction. Our goal is to get you back on your feet without the agonizing pain that you have been living with. With so many different possible issues with the spine we will take you through our whole body screen to find any issues that may be contributing to your pain. We will use everything in our tool box such as exercises, blood flow restriction, the unloader, dry needling and more to get you back to your normal.

Stop chasing the cause of your pain and start treating it with us today at Foundation Physical Therapy!