Use our unloader to walk/run/exercise all while being up to 200 pounds lighter!

Our unloader is perfect for anyone looking to defy gravity. We will set you up in a specialized vest that will attached to a single cable above you. This cable will pull upwards to take a set number of pounds off of you. Meanwhile you can still run, turn around, squat, walk all at a lesser weight. 

This is useful for anyone looking to gain strength in their legs but isn’t yet strong enough for body weight. Because the unloader takes weight off of you with a vest it is also an excellent form of spinal traction (giving the discs in your spine more space). Below is just a short list of people who could benefit from using our unloader:

  • Post-stroke victims looking to regain balance/learning to walk again
  • Post-operative patients relearning how to walk
  • Patients who are getting used to walking after an injury
  • Patients with herniated discs/lower extremity radiculopathy
  • Scoliosis patients (we can use the vest to reverse your curve while on the unloader)
  • Plantar Fasciitis patients who still want to train
  • Athletes looking to perfect their running form
  • Anyone starting/re-starting a running training program

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