Gait/Running Analysis

Our goal is to get you back to living a healthy and pain-free life as soon as possible. Whether it be walking or running, our clinic utilizes all the necessary equipment to perform a thorough analysis of your body mechanics and provide the appropriate education to improve your functional performance.

Dartfish Video Analysis

To further optimize your quality of walking/running, we have the capability of using Dartfish video analysis to provide us with measurements and instant visual feedback. One of our physical therapists will film you while walking/running on our treadmill from several angles. By selecting key moments in this video we are able to highlight movements otherwise missed by the naked eye. This frame-by-frame analysis allows our PTs to fully educate you on the necessary corrections required to improve your stride efficiency in order to moderate current pain and prevent future injuries.

In the initial analysis the therapist will film you while walking/running and review any immediate discrepancies they may see. Before the follow up the therapist will analyze your video screen by screen looking for any potential issues in your gait. At your follow up the therapist will review each of their findings in detail with you and will then be able to provide you with corrective strategies. This service is not covered by health insurance as it is not a medical service.

If you wish to schedule a gait analysis or any other performance services with us please see our Foundation Human Performance Institute website for pricing and scheduling