Physical Therapy for Triathletes


Triathletes have a way of getting inured three times as fast. (See what we did there).

Swim. Bike. Run. Three very different sports with different demands. When you set out to conquer all three, unless your injury prevention is off the charts, then at some point in time you will need us. If our countless 5 star reviews, word of mouth and reputation among high level athletes haven’t convinced you to come see us, let me do so now.

We want you to perform at your best every single day. To help you with this we’ve uploaded an insane amount of knowledge to YouTube so you can work on your body yourself. If you should get to a point where you need us to step in then we go to work.

We will do a full body screen so that NOTHING gets missed. Once we have found every spot where you are losing performance we use manual therapy to improve any dysfunction.

Since self maintenance is important for endurance athletes, after manual therapy we teach you how to maintain the work we put in. How to get strong where you need it and how to become more flexible where needed.

Overuse injuries can’t be fixed overnight so to get you back into training faster we give you everything we have. Dry needling to speed up healing. Cupping to get your tissues moving. Blood Flow Restriction to build muscle insanely fast without increasing load on joints and muscles. The Unloader to get you working on form and running. Gait Analysis to find energy leaks. Functional exercises to get you back on the course.

We know with the different events you face the entire body needs to be ready to go. Thats why we fix the body as a whole. We are the movement experts. Stop searching for answers and find them at Foundation Physical Therapy.