How Nerves and Nerve Pain Works


How Nerves and Nerve Pain Works Nerves control everything in the body and that makes them quite a confusing subject. Our goal with the video below is to hopefully make it easier for you to understand what nerves are and why/what happens when they become painful. If you have any questions feel free to [...]

How Nerves and Nerve Pain Works2023-04-05T08:25:55-05:00

Balance: Use it or Lose It


Balance: Use it or Lose it As you get older, or after an injury, your balance begins to suffer. We've put together a progression of exercises to help you work on your balance at home with just a chair and a pillow. Take a look and give it a shot. [...]

Balance: Use it or Lose It2023-04-05T08:26:23-05:00

How to Set Up a Stationary Bike


How to Setup a Stationary Bike To make things easier we made a video just for you. Getting your bike setup correctly is the difference between an enjoyable workout and a workout that makes you throw in the towel early.

How to Set Up a Stationary Bike2023-04-05T09:14:25-05:00

Surviving a Walking Boot


Tips to Survive a Walking Boot Most of us know that walking boots (casts) can be a necessary evil. They are great at protecting the ankle and allowing the ankle itself to heal. However, in the process they can wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Below are our best tips on [...]

Surviving a Walking Boot2023-03-31T09:11:10-05:00
  • shoulder strength

Rotator Cuff Circuit


Many people make the mistake of focusing solely on the rotator cuff which can be a recipe for disaster. Follow these exercises to help keep your shoulders healthy and prevent rotator cuff issues.

Rotator Cuff Circuit2023-04-05T09:15:22-05:00

How Your Sleeping Position May be Hurting You


If you spend 8 hours a night in a bad sleeping position you are doing more harm than good. Checkout our tips for sleeping positions.

How Your Sleeping Position May be Hurting You2023-04-05T09:20:01-05:00

Tips for Pre and Post Surgery


Surgery can be a very stressful process so let us help you get ready! We've put together a list of our best tips just for you!

Tips for Pre and Post Surgery2023-04-05T09:20:33-05:00

Physical Therapy for Seniors


At Foundation Physical Therapy we do not allow age to be a limiting factor. Whatever your goal may be, we will help you get there!

Physical Therapy for Seniors2023-04-05T09:21:50-05:00

Physical Therapy for Triathletes


Triathletes tend to break down 3 times as fast. When your body can't keep up that's where we come in!

Physical Therapy for Triathletes2023-04-05T09:22:35-05:00
  • correct push up

Proper Push Up Form


Stop wrecking your shoulders! Learn the correct way to do push ups so that they only leave you sore in the right places.

Proper Push Up Form2023-04-05T09:24:02-05:00
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